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Air distribution hose

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OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose ensures even air distribution in indoor spaces. Made from high-quality, anti-static LDPE (180 Mu thick), it features strategically perforated holes for optimal air flow.
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Air distribution hose

OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose: Precision Climate Control for Indoor Spaces

Elevate your indoor climate management with the OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose. This innovative hose is an essential tool for efficient air distribution in refrigeration systems and controlled indoor gardening environments.

Crafted for Durability and Efficiency

Constructed from high-quality, transparent, anti-static LPDE foil with a substantial thickness of 180 Mu, this hose promises longevity and consistent performance. Its unique material composition is designed to withstand regular use while ensuring efficient air circulation.

Innovative Design for Even Air Distribution

The OptiClimate hose features a carefully calculated pattern of perforated holes, ensuring proportional air distribution from the bottom to the sides. This design facilitates an even spread of cooled air, enhancing the effectiveness of your climate control system.

Light-Reflective Properties for Enhanced Performance

With its light-reflective white LDPE film, the hose additionally aids in dispersing air uniformly across the room. This feature is crucial in maintaining consistent temperatures and preventing hot or cold spots in your space.

Optimized for Various OptiClimate Models

The hose is available in different diameters and lengths to suit various OptiClimate models and the specific surface area that needs cooling:

  • OptiClimate 3500: Ø 250mm x 3.5m
  • OptiClimate 6000: Ø 250mm x 6.5m
  • OptiClimate 10.000: Ø 315mm x 7m
  • OptiClimate 15.000: Ø 317mm x 10m