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Textil Air Distribution Hose

Enhance climate control with the Textile OptiClimate Air Tube. Breathable, condensation-free, fire-resistant (B-S1-D0), and suitable for cleanrooms (Class No.4). Temperature range -30°C to 110°C, machine washable.
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Textil Air Distribution Hose

OptiClimate Textile Air Distribution Hose: Precision, Safety, and Efficiency in Air Management

Unparalleled Air Distribution Technology: Introducing the OptiClimate Textile Air Distribution Hose, a breakthrough in air management systems. Engineered for excellence, this hose brings a new level of efficiency and safety to professional environments.

Breathable Design for Optimal Air Flow: Crafted from a unique breathable material, our OptiClimate hose minimizes air leakage while preventing condensation. This innovative feature ensures a consistent and effective air distribution, ideal for moisture-sensitive areas​​​​.

Condensation-Free for Sensitive Environments: Specifically designed to prevent moisture-related issues, our hose guarantees a condensation-free performance. It's perfect for settings where mold prevention and drip-free operation are critical, such as cleanrooms or delicate production spaces​​.

Compliance with Stringent Safety Standards: Safety is a top priority. The OptiClimate hose meets the rigorous fire class B-S1-D0 standards, ensuring minimal fire risk, reduced smoke emission, and enhanced safety in high-risk areas​​.

Suitable for Cleanroom Applications: Certified with Cleanroom class No.4 (EN ISO 14644-1), this hose is tailored for environments that demand the highest air purity standards. It's an ideal solution for controlled settings where air quality cannot be compromised​​.

Durable Across a Wide Temperature Range: Our hose is built to last. Withstanding temperatures from -30°C to 110°C, it is designed for reliability and longevity in various environmental conditions​​.

User-Friendly and Easy to Maintain: Ease of use is at the heart of our design. The hose comes with convenient hanging loops and is machine washable, simplifying both installation and maintenance.