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Air Distribution Hose: High Flow

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OptiClimate Air Hose: High Flow - Durable, anti-static LDPE, 180 Mu thick, with perforated holes for balanced airflow. 120-degree range for focused, high-velocity circulation.
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Air Distribution Hose: High Flow

OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose: High Flow - A Masterpiece of Indoor Gardening Technology

Transform your indoor gardening with the OptiClimate Air Distribution Hose: High Flow. This state-of-the-art hose, crafted from high-grade, anti-static white LDPE film, boasts a notable thickness of 180 Mu. It's not just about durability; it's about efficiency. The hose, designed with light-reflecting properties, ensures even distribution of air across your gardening space.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Anti-static, light-reflecting LDPE film.
  • Thickness: 180 Mu.
  • Design: Perforated for proportional air distribution.
  • Single Output Model: This version has one set of perforations, making it ideal for placement along the sides of a room. It's designed to distribute air effectively in a specific direction, suitable for rooms where a unidirectional flow is needed.
  • Double Output Model: This model features two sets of perforations, allowing it to distribute air more centrally in a room. This is particularly useful for larger spaces where even air distribution across a wider area is necessary.
  • Diameter Options and Air Volume Capacity:
    • 125mm: +/- 80m3 per meter, Max. length 5 meters.
    • 160mm: +/- 120m3 per meter, Max. length 6.5 meters.
    • 200mm: +/- 160m3 per meter, Max. length 8 meters.
    • 254mm: +/- 200m3 per meter, Max. length 10 meters.
    • 315mm: +/- 240m3 per meter, Max. length 13 meters​​.

The hose's design significantly reduces the chance of clogging and offers a 120-degree outlet range, allowing focused airflow for creating the ideal indoor garden environment. Unlike conventional air socks, which can reduce fan capacity, the OptiClimate hose is engineered to avoid counter-pressure, ensuring your fans operate at maximum efficiency​​​​.