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Plant temperature camera (digital)

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DimLux Plant Temperature Camera: Infrared technology measures canopy temperatures, feeding data to the DimLux Xtreme Series LED for optimal climate control. Available in 5m and 10m cable length.
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Plant temperature camera (digital)

Measuring Plant Temperature Correctly

For accurate temperature readings, the DimLux Digital Plant Temperature Camera measures across a large leaf surface to capture a comprehensive average. It should be positioned to coincide with the most intense light exposure, as this is where photosynthesis primarily occurs. The camera's 50° field of view allows for a significant area of measurement, avoiding non-essential elements like soil.

Distinguishing Between Plant Temperature Cameras and Infrared Temperature Meters

Unlike infrared temperature meters that measure a single point, the DimLux camera is designed for a broad view with plant-specific emissivity, yielding the most accurate plant temperature over a wide area. It offers continuous monitoring rather than just snapshots, ensuring growers have consistent data to maintain optimal plant health.

Integration with DimLux Equipment

Available in both analog and digital variants, the digital version is compatible with the LED Xtreme series, providing on-display temperature readings and visual alerts for temperature deviations. Blue flashing indicates too low a temperature, while red signals excessive heat. This immediate feedback allows growers to adjust air temperature or VPD to maintain ideal plant conditions.