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DimLux Xtreme Series LED 1000W

Discover the future of grow lighting with DimLux Xtreme Series LED 1000W: top efficiency, energy efficiency, and advanced PhytoVegSpec® spectrum for superior plant growth.
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DimLux Xtreme Series LED 1000W

Discover the Future of Horticulture with DimLux Xtreme Series LED

Enter a new era of horticultural lighting with the DimLux Xtreme Series LED, the latest breakthrough from DimLux. Twelve years after launching the world's first adjustable HPS ballast with Maxi Controller, DimLux is once again setting the standard with this revolutionary LED solution.


Revolutionary LED Technology

This groundbreaking LED fixture, born from 12 years of experience and expertise in lighting technology, heralds a new era in horticultural lighting. The DimLux Xtreme Series LED merges patented technologies and the latest LED innovations in an optimal thermal design. For professional growers, this promises not only a superior growing experience but also a significant return on investment.

Unique PhytoVegSpec® Spectrum

Experience complete control with our unique, adjustable PhytoVegSpec® growing spectrum. This ensures even distribution and deep penetration of light, resulting in consistently high-quality crops and yields.

High PPFD Levels and Flexibility

The DimLux Xtreme Series LED generates exceptionally high PPFD levels across a 1.5x1.5 m area, with a full growth spectrum. The fixtures are dimmable without efficiency loss and programmable for various times of the day and growth stages.


An innovative addition is the RGB LEDs. These serve not only as supplementary light but also as green work light during the night phase, automatically activated by a built-in motion sensor.

DimLux Xtreme Series LED - NIR

As the icing on the cake, DimLux introduces the Xtreme Series LED - NIR. This variant integrates near-infrared (NIR) light for enhanced plant growth and more effective photosynthesis. Ideal for growers aiming to optimise the growth and development of their crops.

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