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DimLux Expert Series 600W / 750W boost EL UHF MKII

DimLux MKII 600W/750W EL UHF: Leader in plant lighting with 750W boost. Experience superior PAR performance and efficiency for professional horticulture and exceptional plant growth.
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DimLux Expert Series 600W / 750W boost EL UHF MKII

The DimLux Expert Series MKII 600W/750W boost EL UHF sets a new standard in horticultural lighting, offering unparalleled performance for professional growers. Engineered with an increased boost of 750W, the highest in the market, this fixture outperforms any other 600W or 750W fixture in terms of PAR output, efficiency, and maintenance.

Superior DXO Dimlux Xtreme Output Bulb

At the heart of the system is the newly developed DXO Dimlux Xtreme Output 600/750W 400V EL bulb. Unlike standard 600W bulbs that degrade quickly above 720W, this bulb maintains 95% efficiency even after 10,000 hours of operation. Its exceptional design makes it the only bulb specifically crafted for both dimming and boosting, achieving the highest performance without PAR deprivation. This makes it ideal for professional horticulturists, especially in the commercial food growing industry, where its ability to boost weight during the bloom phase is crucial.

Optimized for Plant Growth

The DXO 600/750W 400V EL bulb is a single-spectrum lamp, producing light primarily in the orange/red part of the spectrum for heavy flowering, while also emitting light in the blue spectrum suitable for vegetative growth. It optimizes your HPS (400 Volt / 600 Watt) electronic system, producing more plant-useable light photons of a better spectrum than any other comparable bulb.

Technical Excellence

  • Light Output PAR (PPF 400-700nm): 1506μmol/s @750W
  • Light Output PAR Total (PPF 350-800nm): 1657μmol/s @750W
  • System Photon Efficacy PAR (PPE 400-700nm): 1.94μmol/J @700-750W
  • System Photon Efficacy PAR Total (PPE 350-800nm): 2.13μmol/J @700-750W
  • Voltage: 230V ±10V
  • Power Consumption @600W: 616W, 2.7A at 230V
  • Power Consumption @boost750W: 770W, 3.4A at 230V
  • Illumination Surface @600W: min. 0.78m2 (8.39ft2), max. 2m2 (21.52ft2)
  • Illumination Surface @750W: min. 0.95m2 (10.22ft2), max 2.4m2 (25.83ft2)
  • Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF): Yes
  • Controller: Maxi Controller
  • Dimensions: 550x275x130mm (21.6”x10.8”x5.1”)
  • Weight: 5.1kg (11.24lbs)


User-Friendly Features

The DimLux MKII features a highly efficient ballast driver with 97% efficiency, reducing losses by 30% compared to the older series. It comes standard with the Ultra Optics Hybrid 98 reflector, the most efficient in the market, boasting a 98% overall efficiency. The unit also features a simple push button for power output adjustments, a 4-character status display, and a closed ballast design for enhanced electronic protection. It’s compatible with the current Maxi Controller and is ready for future digital controllers.

The Ideal Choice for Advanced Horticulture

With its blend of technological innovation, energy efficiency, and user-friendly design, the DimLux MKII 600W/750W boost EL UHF is the first choice for professional horticulturists seeking a robust and efficient lighting solution. Its superior performance and long-lasting efficiency make it a staple for anyone in the commercial food growing industry, setting a new benchmark in grow light technology.


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