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DimLux Expert Series 1000W EL UHF MKII

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Experience unparalleled growth with DimLux Expert Series 1000W MKII. Featuring a 1200W boost, superior PAR output, and the Ultra Optics 98 reflector, it's ideal for advanced horticulture.
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DimLux Expert Series 1000W EL UHF MKII

Unleash the power of advanced horticultural lighting with the DimLux Expert Series 1000W MKII DE EL UHF DXO - with a boost to as much as 1200W.

Outstanding Performance and Efficiency

Embrace unmatched performance with the MKII’s specially developed DXO Output HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE EL bulb. This powerhouse maintains an incredible 95% efficiency even after 10,000 hours, outlasting standard bulbs and ensuring consistent, superior PAR maintenance. It's a perfect fusion of durability and high-end performance for serious growers.

Ultra Optics 98 Reflector: Precision Light Delivery

The Ultra Optics 98 reflector, based on the unique Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle, guarantees that every photon is utilized effectively. This not only extends lamp life but also reduces operating temperatures, leading to significant savings in cooling costs​​.

For Professional Horticulturalists

Designed specifically for the nuanced needs of professional horticulturalists, the DXO HPS bulb excels in both dimming and boosting without losing PAR output. It's particularly effective in the commercial food growing industry, enhancing growth during critical bloom phases. The bulb’s spectrum output, covering both orange/red and blue spectrums, caters to all stages of plant growth, from vegetative to flowering​​.

Impressive Technical Specifications 

  • Bulb: DXO HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE EL
  • Light Output PAR (PPF 400-700nm): 2558μmol/s @1200W
  • Light Output PAR Total (PPF 350-800nm): 2813μmol/s @1200W
  • Photon Efficacy PAR (PPE 400-700nm): 2.07μmol/J @1150-1200W
  • Photon Efficacy PAR Total (PPE 350-800nm): 2.27μmol/J @1150-1200W
  • Voltage Availability: 230V, 277V
  • Dim Levels: Soft-Off, 600W, 700W, 800W, 900W, 1000W, 1100W, 1200W
  • Power Consumption @1000W: 1035W, 4.5A at 230V
  • Power Consumption @boost1200W: 1242W, 5.4A at 230V
  • Illumination Surface:
    • @1000W: min 1.4m² (15.06ft²), max 3.3m² (35.52ft²)
    • @1200W: min 1.65m² (17.76ft²), max 4m² (43.05ft²)
  • Active Extraction Connection: 50mm (2”)
  • Controller: Maxi Controller
  • Dimensions: 625x275x130mm (24.6”x10.8”x5.1”)
  • Weight: 6.3kg (13.88lbs)


Elevate Your Growing Experience

Choose the DimLux Expert Series 1000W MKII for an unparalleled growing experience. It's not just a grow light; it's a promise of peak performance, efficiency, and yield maximization. Step into the future of professional horticulture with DimLux – where technology meets nature's needs.


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