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DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A Add-On

The DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A Add-On boosts plant growth with Near-Infrared (NIR) and UV-A light, enhancing photosynthesis and accelerating flower set. Compatible with DimLux LED fixtures.
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DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A Add-On

The DimLux Xtreme NIR+UV-A Add-On enriches your plants with 50W of Far-Red and 20W of UV-A light for the 500W LED setup, or with 100W of Far-Red and 40W of UV-A light for the 750W/1000W LED configurations. These specific wavelengths play a significant role in regulating plant behaviors such as flowering and vegetative growth.

Far-Red (NIR)

Can be used as a photosynthesis booster in combination with red light. When used after sunset, it accelerates nighttime metabolism and dormancy. Accelerates flower set and possibly shortens the night and extends the day for more photosynthesis (higher DLI). In the growth and early flowering phase, plants may grow taller. Conversely, plants can initially be kept very compact (NIR off) and when transitioning to the flowering phase (NIR on), the synergistic effect of the additional NIR can be exploited.


Increases resistance to fungi and other pathogens. Increases resin production, releasing flavonoids and terpenes. Makes the plant stronger, healthier, shorter and increases root production. Leaves turn darker green due to increased pigmentation. Adds extra photons used in photosynthesis, resulting in higher yields. When combined with a UV-B add-on, UV-A helps protect against damage to DNA, proteins and nucleic acids in plant cells caused by UV-B. When UV-A and UV-B are combined in the right amounts and for the right duration, they have a synergistic stress response effect that makes them even more potent, while also being less damaging than UV-B alone.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model Options: Available in 70W and 140W models to match your DimLux LED fixtures.
  • Far-Red LED Power: 50W for the 70W LED model, and 100W for the 140W LED model.
  • UV-A LED Power: 20W for the 70W LED model, and 40W for the 140W LED model.
  • Lens Technology: Features a patented wide-beam ultra-high transmission lens that ensures maximum light delivery to your plants.
  • Control Systems: It can be seamlessly controlled by a Maxi controller or compatible third-party controllers, allowing for precise management of the lighting environment.
  • Connectivity: Offers power and interlink connections in a daisy-chain arrangement for ease of installation and scalability.
  • Upgradability: The system is upgradeable via Wi-Fi, ensuring your grow lights remain at the cutting edge with the latest firmware updates.
  • Installation Ease: Comes with a built-in spirit level for precise horizontal adjustment, making setup straightforward and ensuring your plants receive even light distribution.

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