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Prosystem Feed Computer Pro

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The Prosystem Feed Computer Pro is an advanced nutrient management system with a built-in booster pump for precise plant feeding. It optimizes pH and EC levels 24/7, ensuring efficient and accurate nutrient delivery.
Prosystem Feed Computer Pro

The Prosystem Feed Computer Pro epitomizes the zenith of precision and efficiency in plant nutrition management, tailored for those who prioritize superior performance, accuracy, and reliability in their plant feeding systems. This top-tier system incorporates advanced technology to ensure precise nutrient delivery, tailored exactly to your plants' needs for optimal growth.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Built-in Booster Pump: The Prosystem Feed Computer Pro is equipped with an additional built-in booster pump, featuring a flow sensor to meticulously adjust the metering rate to the required mixing ratio. This advanced approach ensures nutrients are delivered more precisely than the Basic model, which conducts metering concurrently with the A&B pump.

  • Water Leakage Safeguard: A standout feature of this model is the water leakage safeguard. It automatically shuts off the water supply if water runs over the tank or if a hose comes loose, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind for the user.

  • Silent Hose Pumps: The system includes adjustable, silent hose pumps capable of delivering 1 - 7L/h, making it suitable for tanks ranging from 200-5000L. This allows for quiet operation without compromising efficiency.

  • Integrated Solenoid Valve and Mixing Tube: These components work together to ensure the seamless mixing and delivery of nutrients, further enhancing the system's efficiency.

  • Water Level Switch: This feature monitors the water level within the system, ensuring optimal operation and preventing overflow or dry run conditions.

  • Separate EC and PH Display with Temperature Indicator: For precise monitoring, the system boasts separate displays for EC and PH levels, along with a temperature indicator, providing comprehensive control over the nutrient environment.

  • 24/7 pH and EC Control: Continuous monitoring and adjustment of pH and EC levels ensure that plants thrive in the ideal environment, leading to healthier growth and higher yields.