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Three-way valve for OptiClimate PRO3 and PRO4

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The OptiClimate Three-Way Valve for PRO3 and PRO4 models facilitates dual-room cooling with one unit. Suitable for various sizes, it enhances system efficiency in multi-room environments.
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Three-way valve for OptiClimate PRO3 and PRO4

Enhancing Indoor Climate Control with Precision and Efficiency

Optimized Compatibility: The OptiClimate Three-way Valve is meticulously designed to integrate with OptiClimate PRO3 and PRO4 models. Available in two distinct sizes – 250mm for 3500 and 6000 models, and 355mm for 10000 and 15000 models – it ensures seamless compatibility and function​​​​.

Innovative Dual Room Functionality: This valve is engineered to facilitate the cooling of two distinct rooms using a single OptiClimate unit. This dual room capability is not only a testament to its innovative design but also to its efficiency in energy and cost management, particularly suited for environments with multiple growing areas​​​​.

Precision in Climate Management: Integral to the effectiveness of the Dual Room setup is the additional temperature sensor, necessary for accurate climate control. This feature underscores the valve's commitment to creating optimal growing conditions, crucial for the health and vitality of indoor plants​​​​.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: The design of the OptiClimate Three-way Valve aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing energy consumption. This efficiency is achieved without compromising on the performance, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users.

Ease of Installation and Use: The valve is designed for straightforward installation, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum ease of use. This user-friendly approach allows for quick integration into existing systems.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Efficiently manages the climate in two rooms with a single unit, reducing the need for additional equipment.
  • Space Optimization: Aids in maximizing available space by decreasing the equipment footprint.
  • Adaptability and Versatility: Offers flexibility in managing varied climatic conditions across different rooms, making it a versatile addition to any indoor gardening setup.