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Condensate Water Lifting Pump

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The OptiClimate Condensate Water Lifting Pump efficiently lifts condensation water up to 4m, perfect for systems installed below drain levels. Essential for preventing water accumulation.
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Condensate Water Lifting Pump

The OptiClimate Condensate Water Lifting Pump is an indispensable tool designed for efficiently managing the drainage of condensation water from your OptiClimate climate control system. Ideal for installations where the OptiClimate unit is positioned at or below the level of the nearest drain, this pump ensures that condensation water is effectively lifted and expelled to a drain or collection tank, up to a maximum height of 4 meters.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Lift: Capable of elevating water up to 4 meters, making it suitable for almost any installation scenario.
  • Hose Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a 7/4MM PVC hose, facilitating easy integration into your existing setup.
  • Application: Necessary for OptiClimate installations that are lower than the drainage point, ensuring that condensation water does not accumulate and is efficiently removed from the premises.

This product is particularly useful for maintaining the efficiency and operational integrity of your OptiClimate system, ensuring that excess water is properly managed, thereby preventing potential water damage or system inefficiency. Its design caters specifically to the unique needs of indoor gardening and hydroponics setups, providing a practical solution for water management challenges.