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CO2 Sensor for DimLux Maxi Controller

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CO2 Sensor for DimLux Maxi Controller: Accurately measures CO2 levels, powers the CO2 Regulator for optimal plant growth. Integrates with Maxi Controller for precise environmental control.
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CO2 Sensor for DimLux Maxi Controller

OptiClimate CO2 Sensor for DimLux Maxi Controller: Precision CO2 Management

Elevate Your Horticulture to New Heights

Introducing the OptiClimate CO2 Sensor for DimLux Maxi Controller, a cutting-edge solution for discerning growers who demand precision in their controlled environments. This sensor isn't just a device; it's a gateway to unparalleled growth and yield.

Advanced CO2 Monitoring:

  • Dual Beam NDIR Technology: Experience the pinnacle of accuracy and stability in CO2 measurement, thanks to the sensor's Dual Beam NDIR technology. This advancement offers a level of calibration stability that sets new standards in the industry​​.
  • Accurate CO2 Content Information: Gain real-time, accurate readings of the CO2 content in your grow area, ensuring your plants receive exactly what they need for optimal growth​​.

Seamless System Integration:

  • Perfect Harmony with Maxi Controller: Designed to integrate flawlessly with the DimLux Maxi Controller, this sensor provides comprehensive control over CO2 levels, as well as vapor pressure deficit (VPD) and plant temperature.


  • Enhanced Plant Growth: By maintaining ideal CO2 levels, the sensor ensures your plants have the perfect atmosphere for robust growth and health.
  • Energy Efficient: The precise regulation of CO2 levels leads to more efficient use of energy, reducing wastage and lowering operational costs.
  • Adaptable and Versatile: Whether controlling a CO2 generator or a pressure reducing valve, this sensor is versatile enough to fit into any grow room setup​​​​.

Product Specifications:

  • Cable Length Options: Choose between 5 meters (16.4 ft) and 10 meters (32.8 ft) cable lengths, providing flexibility for various grow room configurations​​.