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Fan / Pump Controller Set for OptiClimate Chiller

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Optimize your OptiClimate Chiller with the Fan/Pump Controller Set. It offers automated fan speed control, efficient pump activation, and reduced power consumption for quieter, more precise climate management.
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Fan / Pump Controller Set for OptiClimate Chiller

OptiClimate Fan / Pump Controller Set for Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

Discover a new level of precision in climate control with the OptiClimate Fan / Pump Controller Set.This set, essential for precise climate control, comes in two variants: one suitable for a single chiller unit and another for two chiller units.

This innovative solution, designed specifically for OptiClimate chillers, offers unparalleled control over your cooling system.

Advanced Control for Optimal Performance: The controller set comes with a Fan/Pump-controller and a Fan/Pump-box, ensuring precise management of the pump's on/off function and the fan's speed. This leads to more efficient and effective cooling, tailored to your specific needs​​.

Intelligent Sensor Integration: Equipped with two advanced sensors, this controller set accurately determines water temperature and compressor status. The temperature sensor modulates the speed of the chiller's fans, while the start sensor regulates the pump, ensuring that each component operates only when necessary. This smart technology not only enhances performance but also significantly reduces energy consumption​​.

Prevent Unnecessary Running: Without this controller package, the fan and pump of your chiller would operate continuously at full capacity. The OptiClimate Fan / Pump Controller Set smartly prevents this, enabling the system to run only when needed, thereby conserving energy and reducing wear on components​​.