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DimLux Xtreme Series MKII 600W EL UHF Dim Button

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Explore DimLux Xtreme 600W EL UHF Dim Button: a top-tier, precise lighting solution. With 320-690W output, 7-level dimming, and silent operation, it's ideal for all plant stages. Durable and energy-efficient, it enhances any horticultural project.
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DimLux Xtreme Series MKII 600W EL UHF Dim Button

Precision Lighting at Your Fingertips

Illuminate Your Growth with the DimLux Xtreme Series 600W EL UHF, the pinnacle of lighting control and efficiency. Designed for discerning growers seeking unmatched performance, this system delivers a spectrum of benefits to elevate your horticultural experience.

Versatile Power Output: With an adjustable range of 320-690W, this unit caters to all stages of plant growth, providing the perfect amount of light whether you're germinating, blooming, or anything in between. This precise control ensures your plants receive the exact light they need to thrive.

Seven-Level Dimming: Adapt your lighting to the unique needs of your plants with the seamless 7-level Dim Button. This feature allows for detailed adjustment of light intensity, ensuring optimal growth conditions and energy efficiency.

Quiet Operation: The DimLux Xtreme Series is engineered for minimal noise, allowing for a peaceful growing environment. Its quiet operation is perfect for growers who value a serene setting.

Technologically Advanced: Utilize cutting-edge technology with the DimLux's integration capabilities. When paired with the Maxi Controller, your system reaches new heights of performance and ease of use, automating and refining your lighting strategy.

Durable & Efficient: Built to last, the DimLux Xtreme Series features a robust design with soft start and zero inrush technology. This extends the life of your system while minimizing energy waste, ensuring your investment is both sustainable and cost-effective.

Technical Specifications:

  • Suitable for: bulbs 600W 400v EL UHF
  • Power Output Range: 320-690W, providing versatile illumination strength.
  • Dimming Levels: 7 selectable dimming levels for precise lighting control.
  • Soft Start Technology: Ensures longevity and energy efficiency.
  • Soft dim: Yes
  • Quiet Operation: Engineered to minimize noise for a peaceful environment.
  • Compatibility: Optimized for use with the Maxi Controller for enhanced functionality.
  • Voltage: 230V, suitable for standard electrical systems.
  • Overdrive: 20% more power for maximum light intensity.
  • Connection: Standard 230V connection for easy installation.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Yes
  • Including: 4m cable and plug