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DimLux PRO Series 1000W

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Maximize growth with DimLux PRO 1000W: High-efficiency horticulture lighting, 2016μmol/s PPF, boost to 1150W for 2339μmol/s. UHF, WiFi control with Maxi-Controller, moisture-resistant design.
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DimLux PRO Series 1000W

Maximize Your Horticulture Success with the DimLux PRO Series 1000W

Elevate your horticulture endeavors to the next level with the DimLux PRO Series 1000W, a pinnacle in professional horticulture lighting solutions. This advanced system is designed specifically for urban farming, small-scale production, and large-scale horticulture, offering a perfect blend of innovation and efficiency.


Key Features

High-Efficiency Lighting: Achieve unparalleled light output with System PPF reaching 2016μmol/s at 1000W and an impressive 2339μmol/s when boosted to 1150W, ensuring your plants receive the optimal amount of light for vigorous growth​​​​​​​​.

Innovative Ultra Optics Reflector: The Pro series boasts a passively cooled Ultra Optics Single Bounce Clear Sight reflector, which guarantees the highest efficiency and light output in the industry. With reflectors available in Hybrid, Deep, and Wide styles, you can quickly and easily switch them out, even at high heights, to suit your specific horticultural needs​​​​​​.

Smart, Moisture-Resistant Ballast: The Pro series features a closed ballast design, safeguarded against moisture. The innovative Geo Membrane ensures optimal pressure balance inside and outside the ballast, preventing condensation and prolonging the life of the electronics. This design results in minimal light interception during the full daylight cycle, enhancing overall efficiency​​​​.

Versatile Control and Display: Enjoy up to 115% controllability of the output, both manually and via remote control, with a range of settings from 500W to 1150W. The four-character display provides easy monitoring of status and alarms, making the DimLux Pro even more user-friendly​​​​.