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DimLux Orca Film

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The DimLux Orca Film boosts plant growth with 94% reflectivity. It's durable, IR-reflective, and Teflon-coated for easy cleaning. Perfect for efficient light use in growing spaces.
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DimLux Orca Film

Transform your indoor garden into a beacon of growth with Orca Film, the premier choice for those seeking the highest level of reflectivity. Surpassing the industry standards, Orca Film boasts an impressive +94% reflective property, ensuring that every bit of light is utilized efficiently, propelling your plants towards maximum growth and vitality.

Unmatched Strength and Heat Management
Orca Film is engineered for more than just reflectivity; it brings unparalleled strength to your grow environment. Its exceptional IR reflective properties keep temperatures optimal by reflecting heat away from your plants. Coupled with a Teflon coating, this film offers the ultimate in easy cleaning and maintenance, setting a new benchmark in grow room hygiene and upkeep.

Superiority Over Conventional Films
While typical reflective films range from 70% (black/white) to 87% (aluminium/mylar) in reflectivity, Orca Film stands in a league of its own. Each 10 x 1.37m roll is crafted for durability and strength, offering resistance against mildew and algae, ensuring it does not discolour over time. The film's washable nature further underscores its longevity and performance, promising a consistently reflective surface for years to come.

Designed for Durability and Efficiency
Orca Film is not only about enhancing light efficiency; it's also built to last. Resistant to the challenges of indoor gardening, such as mildew and algae, and immune to discolouration, this film remains robust and effective through countless grow cycles. Its easy-to-clean surface, thanks to the Teflon coating, ensures that maintaining a pristine, reflective environment is hassle-free.