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DimLux Expert Series 315W Full Spectrum

The DimLux Expert Series 315W Full Spectrum is an efficient grow light. It features adjustable output (165W-380W), high PAR levels, and includes the Ultra Optics reflector for maximum efficiency. Ideal for diverse growing setups.
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DimLux Expert Series 315W Full Spectrum

The DimLux Expert Series 315W Full Spectrum is a state-of-the-art lighting solution designed for optimal plant growth. This complete fixture is crafted to perfection, integrating the latest in horticultural lighting technology to provide a spectrum that closely emulates natural sunlight, thereby promoting healthier plant development and explosive blooming.


Sunlight-like Spectrum: The DimLux Expert Series 315W offers a spectrum akin to natural sunlight, optimizing the light for both the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth.

Efficient and High-Performance: Known for its efficiency, the system ensures high PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) levels and operates with intense brightness.

Customizable Light Output: Light output levels range from 165W to 380W, making it versatile for different plant stages and types. This adjustability is especially useful for growers looking to tailor their lighting to specific growth requirements.

Cutting-Edge Reflector Design: Comes equipped with the Ultra Optics reflector, based on the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and Miro Silver mirrors, ensuring 98% efficiency – the highest among horticultural reflectors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 230v
  • Input Power: 315W (at 100%); Boost to 380W
  • Input Current: 1.4A (at 315W); 1.7A (at boost 380W)
  • Output: 160-380 Watt
  • System PPF: 706 μmol/s (at 380W); 630 μmol/s (at 315W)
  • Illumination Surface: Min. 0.42 m² to Max. 1.2 m²
  • Dimensions: 530 x 275 x 130 mm
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Other Features: Soft Start, Soft Dim, diagnostic display, UHF technology, and compatibility with the DimLux Maxi Controller for enhanced control.


Versatile Application: Works effectively as both a supplementary light and a stand-alone fixture.

Energy Efficiency: More efficient than competing models, providing more light output per energy unit consumed.

Safety and Control: Features extensive diagnostic LEDs, safety measures against electrical issues, and multiple dimming options.

The DimLux Expert Series 315W Full Spectrum represents the pinnacle of grow light technology, offering unparalleled control, efficiency, and performance for serious growers looking to maximize their yield and plant health​​​​​​​​​​.


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