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Ultra Optics Add-on (short side)

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The Ultra Optics Add-on (short side) is a front-facing reflector for grow lights, made from 95% reflective Miro 95 hammered mirrors, reducing wall losses and optimizing light distribution. Ideal for single row setups, it's sold individually.
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Ultra Optics Add-on (short side)

DimLux Ultra Optics Add-on (Short Side)

The DimLux Ultra Optics Add-on for the short side is a specialized reflector enhancement designed to optimize your indoor growing setup. Constructed using the advanced Miro 95 hammer-blow mirrors, this add-on achieves an exceptional 95% reflection rate. This high reflectivity is crucial for reducing wall reflection losses, ensuring that more light is effectively directed towards your plants, enhancing growth and yield.

Designed for Precision and Efficiency

This add-on reflector is an integral component of the DimLux lighting systems, tailored to fit the short side of your existing setup. It leverages the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle, which, combined with the highly reflective Miro Silver mirrors, maximizes light efficiency to an impressive 98%. Such efficiency is rare in horticulture reflectors, making it a top choice for growers seeking the best lighting conditions for their plants.

Easy Integration and Maintenance

The DimLux Ultra Optics Add-on is designed for seamless integration with your current DimLux lighting fixtures. Its versatility ensures it fits perfectly on the short side, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your grow light system. Maintenance is straightforward, with regular cleaning recommended to maintain the high PAR output and extend the reflector's lifespan.

Comes with 2 pieces.